Balin was my first Irish Wolfhound after falling in love with this magnificent breed over 40 years ago.

He will be forever in my heart and was one of the most beautiful, loving, loyal companions anyone could ever wish for and I miss him every day.

Rohan Irish Wolfhounds

Judges comments: 2007

Best of Breed
Judge: Pat Huber USA
Feminine, gentle and well behaved
Exlellent coat, balanced head, excellent bite/mouth, well placed eyes, well set on ears, both front and back angulation excellent, level top line, well set on tail, movement true coming and going.
Best of Breed

Judge: Nelson Huber USA
Good balance, coat has good texture.  Neat head, good bite, good dark eyes.  Good ear placement, good depth of chest.  Angulation: good reach, nice drive in rear, good top line, good tail placement.  Moves well coming and going.

2nd Judge: Jane Roppolo USA
Nice, good type.  Good temperament, well balanced head.  Eyes dark and alert, well set ears, chest deep. Well angulated front and rear, top line near level, tail well set, good movement.
Best of Breed

Judge: Thomas Nesbitt CAN
Very pleasant girl.  Overall Impression: Good breed type, excellent texture of coat, color and condition.  Femeinie head, good type.  Strong convect mouth, eyes well set, dark and expressive.  Ears set on and carried correctly. Chest: Good depth.  Front angulation: Well angled with good lay back. Back angulation: Balanced with front. Top line: Strong and level. Tail set on and carried well. Movement: Good reach and drive, clean and fluid.

Kili was my heart hound and my beautiful foundation bitch


Proudly Bred by: Helen Cullum
Owned by: Margaret Thompson & Helen Cullum

Dam: USA CH Rohan Arwen Evenstar
Sire: Santir Pride of Scotland

Sunstag Wolfbane died on 1st September 2011 at 9 years and 7 months of age, he is dearly missed and will remain in our hearts forever 

CAN USA Int'l CH Cridhe Cu Galadriel

AKA "KILI" DOB: 06/26/2002
Proudly bred by Holly O'Brien
By Boru V X Sunstag Gypzzz
Owner: Helen  Cullum

Proudly Bred by: Helen Cullum
Owned by: Helen Cullum
Dam: USA CH Rohan Arwen Evenstar


Santir Pride of Scotland (Indi)
Bred by: John Bosanquet
Veteran Dog Winner

Crufts 2012


Best of Breed
Judge: Ms. Patti L. Smith 
Overall impression: Nice outline, excellent temperament. Nice coat, gray grizzle, very pretty head, good under jaw. Good dark eyes, well set ears. Nice depth of chest. Moderate front angulation, nice bone, good feet. Top line carried correctly, with nice reach in movement.

Best of Breed
Judge: Mr Charles Bett - Canada
Very good breed type, muscular but graceful. Overall impression: Balanced with good proportions. Rough and wiry coat. Long head, not too broad. Even bite with eyes well set. Small well set ears. Good fore chest with muscular front angulation, good lay back. Well let down back angulation. Topline: Long form with long well set tail. Very good reach.

Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs Letita Bett - Canada
Great size and symmetry with commanding appearance. Coat: Harsh and Wiry, rough. Good proportions and planes with head, eyes dark, ears well set. Good depth of chest and length. Good front angulation, good sound back angulation. Slight arch on top line, good length. Good length of tail, well set on. Powerful stride and balanced movement.

Best of Breed
Judge: Mr Richard Samide - USA
Nice example of breed, needs work on self confidence. Coat in good condition with typey head. Scissor bite, dark eyes, well set ears. Good depth of chest and fore chest. Good semi-straight front and back angulation. Level top line with well set tail, and clean movement.

DOB: 26th February 2002
Proudly bred by an AKC Breeder of Merit Dixie Hirsch
By CH Sunstag AM. Heritage SC X FC Sunstag IVY SC

OFA Heart tested
for Congenital Cardiac Disease - Clear
OFA Number: IW-CA196/42F/C-VPI
Eyes tested by CERF, normal
CERF Number: IW-355797

October 2008
Judges comments:

1st place & Best of Breed (Puppy)
2nd in Group and "Best Bred By" Puppy
Judge: Ms. Patti L. Smith

Nice head, maturity needed.  Wheaten coat in good condition, tremendous head, scissor bite. Good dark eyes, ears well set.  Chest to elbow with promise of good fore chest. Good front angulation, nice bone and feet. Good bend of stifle with strong top line for age.  Nice length of tail and movement good for age.

1st Place & Best of Breed (Puppy)
"Best Bred By" puppy
Judge: Mr. Charles Bett 

Very good breed type, needs to mature. Overall impression:  Good balance and proportions.  Rough and wiry coat. Moderately long, broad head, nice bite, well set eyes and ears hanging well.  Good fore chese, with strong front angulation.  Back angulation well let down, long strong top line and well set tail.  Moves with an easy gait.

1st Place & Best of Breed (Puppy)
1st in Group and "Best Bred By" Puppy
Judge: Mrs Letita Bett 

Good size with commanding appearance. Rough and wiry coat, fawn.  Good head planes and proportions.  Dark eyes with well set and good size ears.  Good depth of chest, with moderate and sound front and back angulation.  Good length of topline, with good length of tail and well set on. Good springy stride.

Sunstag Wolfbane - Balin

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